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Christophe MOUTON
21 mai 2021
CfP Web3D 2021, ACM SIGGRAPH, 8-12 November, Italy /worldwide


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CfP Web3D 2021, ACM SIGGRAPH, 8-12 November, Italy /worldwide

8-12 November 2021

Virtual Event

The 26th International Conference on 3D Web Technology (Web3D 2021) is organized by the Web3D Consortium and the Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI-CNR). The conference focuses on the 3D ecosystem on the web platform, addressing research, development, and applicative use.

Due to the uncertainties related to the pandemic, the conference will be run as a fully virtual event.

This year’s theme is “A Shared 3D Workspace”.

Working together online has been the staple of this last year. Web3D technologies can create a shared, online workspace, with multiple users able to connect and work together in the same environment.

Conference Tracks

Main Track

The conference seeks to cover the world of 3D on the Web across multiple levels: from low-end layers enabling the use of 3D in browsers to high-level applications. The Main Track is the more technical- and research-oriented part of the conference, focusing on original, innovative content.

Session: Web3D for COVID response

The sudden switch to remote teaching/working/interacting prompted many urgent requests for new tools, systems, and paradigms. And the research community answered.

In this track, we intend to bring to the fore all the work done to virtually shorten the distance across people during the emergency, presenting results, innovative approaches, interaction paradigms, and subsequent evaluations.

Special Track: Digital Fashion in the Web

The future of fashion is presented from Italy, one of the historic centers of fashion. We invite experts in various fields of Fashion who have effectively used Web3D technologies in their research and academic and public educational activities.

In the last years, the Fashion industry has been going through impressive virtualization of its production chain. The Web is a great way to reach the global public: Web3D makes this reaching out interactive.

This special track is dedicated to the results and new challenges to bring the fashion industry in the 3D Web: import of assets, collaborative tools, virtual fashion shows, clothes simulation are just a few examples.

Special Track: Online Legacies and Cultural Heritage

The Cultural Heritage domain is increasingly using Web3D technologies to share data for teaching, research, and dissemination among peers and the general public. In this special track, we seek to explore how 3D web technologies contribute to knowledge production once data have been processed, shared, and used through online platforms. What is the legacy and impact of virtual content in documenting, interpreting, and showcasing Cultural Heritage?

To answer this question, we invite experts in various fields of Cultural Heritage that have effectively used Web3D technologies in their research and academic and public educational activities. Particular emphasis is placed on mobile objects: from archaeological finds to reference collections, up to closed and open online repositories; from pipelines to process 3D models for the Web to visualization and design methods. We are particularly interested in experiences stemming from (but not limited to) scholarly research, teaching, curatorial and museum practices, scientific dissemination, and public engagement in general.


Technical Papers

We welcome original scientific works presenting 3D web research and applications, in either Full or Short format (9 or 5 pages, respectively). Submissions will undergo a single-blind peer-review process. Accepted papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library and submitted to major indexing services. Works selected for the Best Paper awards will be invited to submit extended versions to the following journals: Computers & Graphics, Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics, Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage

Interactive Posters

This year, we would like to push forward the concept of a poster: instead of an A1 sheet of paper, the authors are requested to make the posted available online in an interactive format. Posters are an ideal method to present applicative works, tech demos, ongoing research, applications.


Tutorials are a way to present new tools to students, researchers, and professionals. Short courses, possibly with hands-on examples and interactive materials are encouraged and proposals targeting naïve and entry-level audiences are well welcomed

Industrial Use Cases

Web3D is an ecosystem with a strong Industrial presence. The Industrial Use Cases are a way for companies and practitioners working with Web3D to present their solutions and technologies. An online, interactive version of the submission is encouraged.


Web3D conferences have always been an opportunity to connect with other experts. Researchers, practitioners, standard committees, workgroups may propose to organize a workshop on specific themes of interest for the Web3D community. Workshops may be either presentation sessions moderated by workshop organizers or open discussions on a specific topic of interest.

Hanim 3D Competition

Who can create the best animated-to-music 3D humanoid? We seek for talented animators who want to show their work and win a prize by submitting their creations to the competition.

3D Logo Competition

We are looking for talented 3D artists and designers to jazz up the 2021 Meeting!

The logo and its author(s) will be presented at the opening ceremony and will have the opportunity to present their logo to the audience in a short talk.

Save the Dates!

SubmissionNotificationFinal Version
Papers30th July6th September1st October
Interactive Posters3rd September27 September15th October
Tutorials30th July13th September15th October
Industrial Use Cases30th July13th September
Workshops30th July13th September


Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

● HTML5 3D, WebGL, X3D

● 3D data formats, compression, transmission, and streaming

● Web-based rendering, advanced shading


● 3D content creation, authoring, modeling

● Web-based Geometry Processing

● 3D printing

● 3D API, middleware, toolkits, frameworks

● AI for Web3D

● Human modeling on Web3D

● Semantic Web

● Cloud-based services for large-scale datasets

● Shared virtual spaces, collaborative environments

● Virtual humans, avatars, motion capture

● 3D repositories, marketplaces, asset galleries

● Mobile platforms

● 3D web-based teaching facilities

● Multi-modal 3D interaction paradigms, 3D navigation, gesture, natural interfaces

● Visual analytics

● Diffusion and adoption of 3D Web technologies, comparative studies, historical perspectives, WWW integration

● Novel interactive 3D web applications in all areas and sectors such as entertainment, education, training, cultural heritage, digital twin, medicine, military, smart manufacturing/industry 4.0, information & data visualization, science, geographic information systems (GIS), digital globes, subsurface exploration, and mining, integrated marine data management and visualization, building information modeling (BIM), and architecture.

More information

All the instructions, updates, and the link to the online submission system can be found on the conference webpage:

All questions about submissions should be emailed to

Web3D 2021 Conference Committee

General Chairs

  • Fabio Ganovelli, Carol Mc Donald

Organizing Chairs

  • Francesco Banterle, Marco Potenziani

Program Chairs

  • Marco Callieri, Yvonne Jung

Special Track: Fashion

  • Yordan Kyosev, Camilla Olson, Emma Scott, Inga Dabolina

Special Track: Cultural Heritage

  • Loes Opgenhaffen, Martina Revello Lami, Nicolò Dell'Unto


  • Feng Liu

Industrial Use Cases

  • Christophe Mouton, Andrey Golub
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